Conference Theme

Theme: Powering Singularity Acceleration with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Commodity Computing

  • Machine Learning
  • TensorFlow
  • Data Science
  • Platforms for Big Data
  • Distributed Big Data Systems
  • From Big Data to Responsive Systems
  • Containerizing the Serverless Cloud
  • Tradeoffs in Software
  • Java 8 Concurrency
  • Commit To Production, Without Human Intervention
  • And lots more
  • Plus anything else anyone wants to talk about, of course
  • And our business track

Although the theme sets the general tone of the conference, it doesn’t preclude session topics that might be considered “off theme.” The goal of the theme is to stimulate ideas, not to prevent discussion.

Wednesday Hackathon

The general theme of the hackathons are “Alternative Languages on the JVM.” They will take place in either the conference venue ([@PH]{.citation}) or the various houses that are rented by groups in town. In the past there have been Scala, Jython, JRuby and Groovy hackathons, and also hackathons that focus on a particular product or technology. The theme is just a suggestion; if you can get a group together that wants to explore a topic, go for it.

In the past, hackathons have explored new technologies or even created new product prototypes.

The evening of the hackathon, results are presented in the Hackathon Showcase Lightning Talks.